The James Bond Project 2:Terror by Sea

Live and Let Die by Ian Fleming (Jonathan Cape, London, 1954) After being somewhat underwhelmed by James Bond’s debut in Casino Royale, I approached the second Fleming novel with trepidation.  I needn’t have worried.  Live and Let Die is a much better book and moves Bond out of his chintzy Edwardianism to present for the first time elements of 007-ness that we now recognise as hallmarks of the series. The plot is generally more robust.  It is still preposterous in its premise but at least that premise develops logically.  Its starting point is that the treasure trove of Black Morgan, the … Continue reading The James Bond Project 2:Terror by Sea

The James Bond Project 2: The Secret Agent

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming (Jonathan Cape, London, 1953) Reading Casino Royale some sixty-three years after it was first published, your first impression is  that it has not aged well.  The James Bond we find in its pages is a product of the Edwardian attitudes and behaviours of his creator and consequently bears nothing but a fleeting resemblance to the representation we’re used to from even the earliest of the movies.   Secondly, you can’t help but notice how slight it is as a novel, with a predictable plot and largely one-dimensional characters.   It’s probably kindest and most useful to … Continue reading The James Bond Project 2: The Secret Agent

The James Bond Project

“The name’s Bond, James Bond.” When Sean Connery first uttered these words in the opening scenes of Dr. No, no-one could have known that the character he was playing would so penetrate the popular imagination that the movies would continue in an unbroken fifty-five year run and still be box-office gold. The cinematic incarnation of the world’s most famous and, ironically, most recognised spy has nevertheless had to adapt itself over twenty-six films and five and a half decades to survive the social mores of each successive generation of movie-goers, from the beefy sixties sex beast of Connery through Moore’s … Continue reading The James Bond Project